Will Fever

Will Fever brings you a fresh mix of different electronic music genres combined in a quality blend. Sweet-and-spicy musical combinations making every performance a unique experience.

Currently working on his own music in his hometown Ghent, gives him lots of inspiration to get the ‘finest music cuisine’ on your plate.

Inspiration, suspension, surprises and a lot of love for the electronic music genre are his main ingredients to explore new levels as Disk jockey and live performer.

Will Fever presents you his ‘Dystopia’ album. This album is not just a house, techno or electro record. It’s a story.

Dystopia – or simply anti-utopia – is a mysterious and honest record at the same time. Together with his musical friends, Will Fever created this album in his studio in Ghent.

Debuted with a live show of uplifting electronic music tracks, uniquely fresh sounds that manages to keep you and your dancing feet at attention.