New Will Fever – Matter Ep on Trashz Records.

This Ep brings you a new perspective on the dark matter phenomena. Inspired by this astronomical aspect Will Fever brings you a 3 track Ep. Expect some galloping cosmic techno tracks melted together with dark melodic underlying string that take you back in this futuristic undiscovered universe.

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Worldwide – 29th Aug 2018

Will Fever – Matter (Original Mix)
Will Fever – Saturnus (Original Mix)
Will Fever – Entity (Original Mix)

Listen to the preview below.




Will fever Update 06

This month I have been working on some new things. Blending different sound and structures together in a techno environment that complete coherent straight tracks. Still work in progress…

You can find two teasers below.

A new Will fever podcast will take you to a next level with new and classic tracks combined.

Will fever Update 05

A new Will Fever Ep is almost done. At the moment I’m looking for a new home to release. The next release will be released on AH Digital. It’s a Will Fever remix made for Dablomatique’s track Space released on the Strictly Belgium compilation.

This month I’m still producing new tracks. The focus is to get more insight in my current synths and workflow. I’m also doing a lot of concerts to get new inspiration and new ideas for my next release.

Will Fever Podcast 3

Here’s the playlist for the latest Will Fever podcast:

  1. Dpech Music – Still Invictus (Original Mix)
  2. Jay Lumen – Balance (Original Mix)
  3. Deepbass – Black Art (Original Mix)
  4. Cosmic Boys – Talisman (Original Mix)
  5. Charles Fenckler – Block (Original Mix)
  6. Wehbba – Unfold (Original Mix)
  7. Porno Poltergeist – Infernal (Original Mix)
  8. Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)
  9. Bart Skills – Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
  10. ARTBAT – Planeta (Original Mix)
  11. Deepbass – Tempest (Original Mix)
  12. Joseph Capriati – Kontrol Room (Original Mix)
  13. The Advent vs Industrialyzer – One Last Count (Original Mix)
  14. Wehbba – Protocol (Original Mix)
  15. Spektre – Another Life (Original Mix)
  16. Christian Morgenstern – Ex Machina (Christian Wunsch Remix)
  17. Slam – Distant Voice (Original Mix)
  18. Dax J – The Wonk (Original Mix)
  19. Cleric – Penrose (Original Mix)
  20. KlangKuenstler – Mortalis (Original Mix)
  21. Alan Fitzpatrick – Gridlock (Original Mix)
  22. Cleric – Unspoken Rules (Original Mix)
  23. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo – Pachamama (Original Mix)
  24. Cleric – Plexus (Original Mix)

Will Fever Podcast 3

New Will Fever Podcast. Enjoy! 

Playlist for the latest Will Fever podcast:
Dpech Music – Still Invictus (Original Mix)
Jay Lumen – Balance (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Black Art (Original Mix)
Cosmic Boys – Talisman (Original Mix)
Charles Fenckler – Block (Original Mix)
Wehbba– Unfold (Original Mix)
Porno Poltergeist – Infernal (Original Mix)
Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)
Bart Skills – Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
ARTBAT – Planeta (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Tempest (Original Mix)
Joseph Capriati – Kontrol Room (Original Mix)
The Advent vs Industrialyzer – One Last Count (Original Mix)
Wehbba – Protocol (Original Mix)
Spektre – Another Life (Original Mix)
Christian Morgenstern – Ex Machina (Christian Wunsch Remix)
Slam – Distant Voice (Original Mix)
Dax J – The Wonk (Original Mix)
Cleric – Penrose (Original Mix)
KlangKuenstler – Mortalis (Original Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – Gridlock (Original Mix)
Cleric – Unspoken Rules (Original Mix)
Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo – Pachamama (Original Mix)
Cleric – Plexus (Original Mix)

04/05 update Will Fever


Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)

The track Chains was made a couple of months ago. It was part of a 3 track EP. The label Drum Tunnel decided to release because it matched the repertoire of the label. The other 2 tracks you can find on the label Nachtwandler Records. More info about drumtunnel you can find here.

This compilations is already supported by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Tomy DeClerque, The YellowHeads, Cristian Varela and more to follow.

After a lot of research and selection we are happy to present you the fourth chapter of our successful series ‘Tunnelism’!
This unique sound journey, made up of 17 tracks, will lead you into the most hidden meanders of the real underground sound, letting you discover various facetings of electronic music.
As always happens for our compilations we have involved our usual artist together with new artists for the first time on Drum Tunnel and, according to tradition, we have also involved young djs with their debut tracks.
You just have to turn up the volume and choose the right track for your DJ set … you will certainly find more than one!!!

Tracks by:
Aliens Bad Brothers / Andrea Di Placido / Angelo Posito / ARRAM / Avishag / Dom3n / Dpech Music / Fabio Salerni / Federico Guglielmi / Julian Konsent / KAYNE LYNAS / KEFFISH / Loco Sun / MaurizioG / Porno Poltergeist / Squadrum / Will Fever


Supported and downloaded:
Richie HawtinJoseph CapriatiMaceo PlexPaco OsunaCristian VarelaJoy KitikontiTomy DeClerqueThe YellowHeads – TYHHoracio CruzMike IvyProsdoIt Sounds FutureWicked Styleand so many others…



Juno Download:…/tunnelism-04/3743131-02/




New Will Fever Work Unmastered.

My latest demo contains 3 tracks inspired by the Dark Matter Phenomena. We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the universe’s expansion. Other than that, it is a complete mystery. But it is an important mystery. Read More Here

This is a short teaser of the unmastered tracks. I’m now looking for labels to release these new tracks. More info soon.

Will Fever update 04/18

Dablomatique – Outer Space (Will Fever Exit Remix)

The last months I have been working on a new remix for Dablomatique. The track will be released on the digital electronic music label AH digital.
The focus was on making a electronic track with a lot of moving element that create a hypnotizing experience for the listener.
The track has a less ’techno’ feel then my current track. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy it.
Outer Space (Will Fever Exit Remix) teaser:

New tracks

The new Will Fever tracks are in full development. Currently I have produced about fourteen new track in six stand alone EP’s. One EP is almost ready to be released. The current idea and teasers you can find below;

Will Fever on Vero

Feel free to follow me on the new Social Media app Vero.
Speak soon.

Will Fever Update 2/2018

It has been a rough month but nevertheless here we are to strike again. The next months I’m going to focus on making some new tracks. I got a lot of inspiration from some movies, lecture, paintings and art. The new artwork will also represent a huge aspect in this story.

Next month a new remix will be out. Also I want to focus on some new fresh DJ Sets with some new and fresh electronic techno tracks. The couple of weeks I will hunt en sort out some new music in combination with all time classics.

I also had some new equipment and a studio make over. Over the couple of years I have collected a lot of equipment. I had to rearrange all the stuff to get more flexibility into my studio. I’m using this current set up a couple of weeks and I must say that I am enjoying it. Next month I will post a picture of the final result


I also bought a D110 Roland Module. A pain in the ass to program but very cool sounds. The D-10 is a Digital Linear Arithmetic Synthesizer and the D-110 is its upgraded rackmount version. Capable of decent acoustic sounds and great new synth-type sounds the D-10/110 is a great and cheaper alternative to the popular D-50. It has a confusing synthesis / editing method composed of tones, partials and timbres. Basically it all boils down to tricky programming which, if you know what your doing, can have interesting and unique results.The D-110 rackmount version adds 6 individual outputs, and the follow-up D-20 keyboard version adds an 8-track sequencer.  Source.

My latest release on Nachtwandler Records made it as Number One in my beatport list. ??

Will fever Update 01/2018

Will Fever – Eager/Faith – NWR085

2018 will bring a new Will Fever 2 track release on Nachtwandler Records. You can find the link of the tracks below.

Will Fever – Eager/Faith – NWR085

Release date: 09.02.2018

Will Fever – Faith (Original Mix)

Faith is a track twisting and expanding in time. The different elements in this track messing with your mind and keeps you injected with some door slamming elements. Pitch-shifted percussion and evolving arpeggiators combined in a dimension to explore.

Will Fever – Eager (Original Mix)

Melodic moments are the key elements in this electro-techno track with sombre undertones. This track  is combining electronic music elements with a classic twist that touches every element. Euphoria and introspection are the flow in this track.


New Tracks

The next couple of weeks I’m going to focus on some new tracks.

I’m working on a new ep with new sounds and influences. This time I will use the jv2080 as a beginning point for the structure. This module contains excellent acoustic sounds that are common and ethnic. A massive amount of techno sounds complete with pulses, blips, sweeps,… I can say you that I’m really excited about this equipment. More news will follow soon.

Rolands Jv2080.




Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)

This is a short teaser for my release on Drumtunnel records; Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)

Will Fever – Sjaman (Original Mix)

Will Fever – Sjaman (Original Mix) contains different samples combined with rhythmic element that evole state of mind – hypnotic electronic track. You can now listen tot the full version here on YT

Will Fever – ‘Vodou Machine’ is out Worldwide today – 13th November on Trashz Recordz. Expect some melodic techno with warped sounds, dark texture, deep low end and grooving arps dancing around the strange magical fenomenal of early electro tracks.

Available From Stores Worldwide – 13th Nov 2017