Will Fever – Vodou Machine on Trashz Records

Will Fever – ‘Vodou Machine’ is out Worldwide – 13th November on Trashz Records. This release contains 3 tracks; Vodou Machine (Original Mix), Spell (Original Mix) and Sjaman (Original Mix).

Expect some melodic techno with warped sounds, dark texture, deep low end and grooving arps dancing around the strange magical fenomenal of early electro tracks. This release delivers just that. Check out the short Preview below.


Will Fever – Vodou Machine (Original Mix)
Will Fever – Spell (Original Mix)
Will Fever – Sjaman (Original Mix)

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Worldwide – 13th Nov 2017

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WF Playlist #07

In this post I talk about music that inspired me as electronic producer. Enjoy the music and short reading;

Alden Tyrell -Love Explosion

Alden Tyrell is a leading contemporary nu-skool disco artist reinventing old disco and electro-funk sounds. He has produced several releases through the Dutch label Clone.
His name is coincidentally very similar to the name of the character Dr. Eldon Tyrell in the 1980’s science-fiction movie blade runner.


Legowelt – Experiential Awakening

Legowelt (real name Danny Wolfers) is a Dutch electronic musician who describes his musical style as “a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack.” The majority of his work under the alias has been released on the Dutch label Bunker in addition to a number of compilation appearances, including the successful “Disco Rout” in 2002.


Dexter – I Don’t Care

Dexter’s first brush with the electronic music world was on the dancefloor as part of a breakdance crew. Back then he learnt the power of rhythm and how to move a floor, and it is something that has stayed with him through a long career producing everything from pioneering electro to deeper house and raw techno.


Strictly Belgium!

The Belgian label AH Digital launches a new compilation “Strictly Belgium!” with some of their best Belgian artists. Discover a variety of fantastic tracks of Hypnotised & PatriZe, Will Fever, Dablomatique, Config & Stemvork, Fille V, Kevin Vega, Jo Plaete and Djonah Laforge.


Exclusive Release date: 06/11/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 04/12/2017

WillGear: Patchbay

Doesn’t look as cool like most of my other equipment but very usefull. A patch bay enables you to change the signal flow among the devices in your studio without having to crawl behind all your gear and unplug/replug your cables, so this means no angry Will Behind the walls and stuff.

In addition to eliminating that hassle, patch bays save wear and tear on the jacks of your equipment.

More info 

WillGear: DX11

The DX11 was released in 1988 (Great year), four years after the DX7 hit the market. The DX11’s synthesis and sound quality is classic DX-style FM synthesis using 4-operators per voice.

A Digital Synth that knows how to stand in the production proces. Still learning this one day by day.

WF Playlist #06

In todays playlist I have selected 3 of my own works. It contains some of my first work and recent releases. Have fun & enjoy!

Pola-Riot – Belmondo (Will Fever Remix)

Will Fever – Leaving (Original Mix)

Will Fever – The Research (Original Mix)


Hi !

A short update about my latest work; I’m still working on my latest EP. I’m thinking to release a total of four tracks.

The tracks are containing a lot of digital elements combined with raw analog sounds. I’m patching things up and hope to speak to you soon.

Regards Will.

WF Playlist #05

In this post I talk about music that inspired me as electronic producer. Enjoy the music and short reading;

Who doesn’t like cartoons? Here is a selection of some animated music video clips. Enjoy!

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Gorillaz are an English virtual band created in 1998 by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett. These members are fictional and are not personas of any “real life” musicians involved in the project.

Their fictional universe is explored through the band’s music videos, as well as a number of other short cartoons.

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz

“Saturnz Barz” featuring Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan.  It was released as the first single from their fifth studio album Humanz

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

Aerodynamic” is the second track on Daft Punk’s second studio album, Discovery. The song is notable for its thirty-four-second-long guitar tapping solo, at which point all music cuts off and the guitar solo plays, performing with heavy usage of arpeggios.

Contains a major sample from the song ‘Il Macquillage Lady’ by Sister Sledge. A great example on how to get into sampling as a producer…

Stromae – Carmen

Belgian Stromae established himself in both the hip hop and electronic music genres. A great track with some great animation and a social critical message.