Will fever Update 01/2018

Will Fever – Eager/Faith – NWR085

2018 will bring a new Will Fever 2 track release on Nachtwandler Records. You can find the link of the tracks below.

Will Fever – Eager/Faith – NWR085

Release date: 09.02.2018

Will Fever – Faith (Original Mix)

Faith is a track twisting and expanding in time. The different elements in this track messing with your mind and keeps you injected with some door slamming elements. Pitch-shifted percussion and evolving arpeggiators combined in a dimension to explore.

Will Fever – Eager (Original Mix)

Melodic moments are the key elements in this electro-techno track with sombre undertones. This track  is combining electronic music elements with a classic twist that touches every element. Euphoria and introspection are the flow in this track.


New Tracks

The next couple of weeks I’m going to focus on some new tracks.

I’m working on a new ep with new sounds and influences. This time I will use the jv2080 as a beginning point for the structure. This module contains excellent acoustic sounds that are common and ethnic. A massive amount of techno sounds complete with pulses, blips, sweeps,… I can say you that I’m really excited about this equipment. More news will follow soon.

Rolands Jv2080.




Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)

This is a short teaser for my release on Drumtunnel records; Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)