Will fever Update 05

A new Will Fever Ep is almost done. At the moment I’m looking for a new home to release. The next release will be released on AH Digital. It’s a Will Fever remix made for Dablomatique’s track Space released on the Strictly Belgium compilation.

This month I’m still producing new tracks. The focus is to get more insight in my current synths and workflow. I’m also doing a lot of concerts to get new inspiration and new ideas for my next release.

Will Fever Podcast 3

Here’s the playlist for the latest Will Fever podcast:

  1. Dpech Music – Still Invictus (Original Mix)
  2. Jay Lumen – Balance (Original Mix)
  3. Deepbass – Black Art (Original Mix)
  4. Cosmic Boys – Talisman (Original Mix)
  5. Charles Fenckler – Block (Original Mix)
  6. Wehbba – Unfold (Original Mix)
  7. Porno Poltergeist – Infernal (Original Mix)
  8. Will Fever – Chains (Original Mix)
  9. Bart Skills – Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
  10. ARTBAT – Planeta (Original Mix)
  11. Deepbass – Tempest (Original Mix)
  12. Joseph Capriati – Kontrol Room (Original Mix)
  13. The Advent vs Industrialyzer – One Last Count (Original Mix)
  14. Wehbba – Protocol (Original Mix)
  15. Spektre – Another Life (Original Mix)
  16. Christian Morgenstern – Ex Machina (Christian Wunsch Remix)
  17. Slam – Distant Voice (Original Mix)
  18. Dax J – The Wonk (Original Mix)
  19. Cleric – Penrose (Original Mix)
  20. KlangKuenstler – Mortalis (Original Mix)
  21. Alan Fitzpatrick – Gridlock (Original Mix)
  22. Cleric – Unspoken Rules (Original Mix)
  23. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo – Pachamama (Original Mix)
  24. Cleric – Plexus (Original Mix)