WF Playlist #04

In this post I talk about music that inspired me as electronic producer. Enjoy the music and short reading;

This post is al Belgian Finest and a little nineties nostalgia. Enjoy!

Samantha Fu – Theme From Discotheque

Soulwax made this single back in the year 2001 for a theater play called ‘Discotheque’. Preformed Kung Fu from Ghent.The sample ‘It’s 5 AM, do you know where your children are?’ was originally taken from a news item on ABC7 Chicago in February 2000. ‘Discoteca’ is sampled from Pino D’angio’s classic disco track ‘Ma Quale Idea’

Zita Swoon – My Bond With You And Your Planet

Official video for the second single from the album “I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress” (1998) by Belgian Band Zita Swoon

Hooverphonic – Mad About You

I’m still getting goosebump when I hear the voice of Geike Arnaert on the more earlier work of Hooverphonic. Think alternative, electronica, triphop, rock, and more…